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The proven, successful way to zero alcohol in thirty days!
Fully supported with live one to one sober coaching!
A revolutionary program – part life coaching, part detox, part mindset mastery!
Imagine how great you will feel after thirty days zero alcohol!

The zero alcohol thirty day challenge works!

Tired of feeling sick and tired?
Have you forgotten just how good it feels to take a break from alcohol?
Do you want to have a break from alcohol but worry that life won’t be enjoyable without it?

My name is Bren Murphy and I was a typical Australian male – drinking with my mates on the weekends and all that.  But over time, my drinking grew into something that I wanted to break away from.  

I was just over being tired and out of shape and feeling like a C minus all the time, when I knew other people who lived at A plus everyday.  A big difference was that the A plus people didn’t drink as much as me.  

But even though I tried and made an effort and even got to day three sometimes, I just couldn’t get it together to take a break from alcohol and actually see how it might work for me.  Then, I made a clean break for 30 days and it changed me.

Fast forward eight years or so and I’m a different person.  No longer tired, bloated and complaining – instead I’m more likely to be running along the beach or stretching out at a yoga class.  
I’m eating fresh, simple foods, getting good quality rest and my 
relationships and business is better than it ever has been.  
I’m making decisions with confidence due to the clarity I have – as well as being able to let go of the little crap things that might have really got to me in the past.

Look, I don’t want to preach about it – or tell you your life sucks and you should do this or that or whatever.  
What the Zero Alcohol Thirty Days challenge is all about is just cutting through all the bs and getting back to being yourself.  Being honest, and humble and open and authentic and taking some time to rest and get your stuff back together.
Maybe setting aside some old grudges, maybe letting go of some toxic friends and even making a move on that passion project you have been neglecting for so long.
Life is out there waiting for you and each morning you wake up cloudy and foggy and dehydrated with no cash in your pocket from alcohol – it’s not part of your bigger life plan.   Let’s change this – I can help you.

I’m not promising any miracles.  But I am promising that I will personally get to know you, and do whatever it takes to help you work through your stuff so you can make a real attempt at the zero alcohol thirty days challenge.

The 30 Day zero alcohol challenge is based on the proven scientific methods of positive psychology, and recovery and healing strategies.  You are supported through the program online and we get to make live calls when you feel you need it.

As a certified sober coach with a personal sober recovery spanning 5 years, I know exactly where you are at and it is my personal pledge to give you everything I can at my end to help you make this program work for you.  To prove this – here’s my number – call me toll free right now 1300 084 004.

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The core program

Zero Alcohol Thirty Days is an awesome opportunity for you to show some real self care and self respect – for around $10 a day – I mean that’s what you’ll save on skipping alcohol alone – so it’s like this course will be FREE!

Here’s what I’ve bundled together for maximum value and what you can expect from the Zero Alcohol Thirty Days Challenge in 2017.

1 – Personal One to one assessment and goal setting conversation – (approx 45 minutes) – we will actually sit down together and discuss your unique situation, and your plans for the course.  This is preferably by phone, skype or chat.

2 – Unlimited 24/7 access to course program materials – released on a drip feed so all participants are going through the same modules at the same times.  This means you can share and reflect on your own learning with the rest of the group.

3 – Unlimited Access to Facebook Private Group – As a small community we share and celebrate our successes as well as the the times when we feel vulnerability and are looking for a courage conversation.  This has proved invaluable for past students.

4 – One to one live phone support – for a total of 1 x 45 minutes.  Over the duration of the 30 day course you have access to book  a further 1 x 45 minute coaching call with me.  It’s real sober coaching included in the one package deal price. Normally $150 per session.

5 – Discount off the 12 month Sober 2017 program – normally 1997 – for graduates of the No Alcohol Challenge, your enrolment is reduced to just 497

 Zero Alcohol Thirty Days

incl. full access to teaching resources, learning package and online support group

PLUS 1 x 45 minute
Archetypes Analysis
Coaching Conversation

PLUS 1 x 45 minute
Mindset Mastery 
Coaching Conversation
A Total of over 90 minutes of Coaching Calls
over $650 value
Buy Now for 39789 per week for 5 weeks
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How it Works

Revolutionary Approach

Zero Alcohol Thirty Days is a revolutionary approach to taking a break from alcohol.  If you’re anything like me, the first thing that comes into your mind when you think about stopping alcohol is that life won’t be fun anymore.

So, the first thing we do in the program is fix this.  We dive deep into your personal values, and help you dig up exactly what makes you feel most connected with yourself.  This is your happiness project – and we set goals around building this into your life from day one.

(Oh, and just to clarify before we go any further – whilst I totally respect your individual choice to religious freedom – the Zero Alcohol Thirty Days Challenge is NOT affiliated with any religious program, ideology or faith.  In fact, it’s perfectly suited for everyone from atheists and agnostics to true believers.  Also, whilst we’re on it, the program does not endorse or deny AA or any twelve step programs.  The revolutionary Archetypes based approach works perfectly well alongside and in conjunction with any and all other programs.)

Look – it’s not about digging down into your ancient past or uncovering your childhood traumas!  No way!  The moment you realise how powerful your daily choices are you’re on the right path.  Zero Alcohol Thirty Days is based on the positive psychology approach of cognitive behavioural therapy as well as mindfulness based stress reduction, among other modalities.  

It’s all about working with your strengths and doing what brings results – so we build on success after success and build real momentum going forward.


Zero Alcohol Thirty Days uses archetypes to help you connect with your own story.  Archetypes are easily accessible types – like heroes, warriors, queens and hermits.  I’ll help you identify your archetypes and build your personal myth around the strengths and values that work best for your situation.

I know you’re already probably thinking this sounds a bit ‘out there’ – but stay with me for a moment.  Archetypes are a brilliant way to see how you choose to step outside of your story – just as easily as you can continue to live an old story that might not be serving you any longer.  Get it?

When you see your archetypes for the first time, you’ll feel like you’re coming home.  It’s like you’re connecting with your essential nature.  Archetypes reveal certain strengths and weaknesses – and we want to work with your strengths from day one.

Imagine how much more congruent your life would were in alignment with your strengths – instead of fighting against them?  Working with your archetypes will completely change the way you see yourself.  From this day forth you will call yourself a warrior queen, or a rebel caregiver, or a hermit peacemaker.


Zero Alcohol Thirty Days has massive practical skills elements – like mindfulness.  And what is Mindfulness?  It’s being present in the moment with focus and awareness – without judgement or comparison.  I’m not afraid to admit that I struggled with meditation in the beginning – but mindfulness is a workable way to bring that kind of depth to your everyday.

Once you have the skills, it is simply a matter of practicing mindfulness and noting when you drift off into automatic pilot.  You see, a lot of alcohol behaviour is based on being on automatic pilot and not really considering how you are feeling and making space for yourself to make the right choice.

Getting Back into Your Body

At some point, I guess you know that not everything is solved in your mind – that as human beings we are living in amazing bodies.  So Zero Alcohol Thirty Days does have an element where we go outside our head and re-connect with our body.

It might be simply talking a walk or going to swim some laps.  But whatever we choose to do, we commit to make it a part of the thirty day program – so get thinking right now what is your preferred way to move your body.

Finding clarity and self awareness is about giving yourself the opportunity to connect – and through your body is as good as thought your mind.  This also begins from the very first day.  Let’s get back to loving our own bodies!

reserve your place today $397Gain greater clarity around who you are, where you are headed, and the way you plan to get there.
Zero Alcohol Thirty Days is the catalyst for change and transformation in your life.
Breakthrough your earnings potential, become more successful in your career and business, establish sustainable, loving relationships and re-connect deeply with your body for the ideal weight and self image.
The benefits are limitless when you have clarity, calm and confidence and that comes with Zero Alcohol, Thirty Days.

 Zero Alcohol Thirty Days

incl. full access to teaching resources, learning package and online support group

PLUS 1 x 45 minute
Archetypes Analysis
Coaching Conversation

PLUS 1 x 45 minute
Mindset Mastery 
Coaching Conversation
A Total of over 90 minutes of Coaching Calls
over $650 value
Buy Now for 39789 per week for 5 weeks

Ready to make the change?

Here’s exactly what you can expect!

What is the offer?
  • Zero Alcohol Thirty Days is a revolutionary approach to taking a 30 day break from alcohol.  
  • You’ll Discover your Archetypes and by working with your strengths you’ll make rapid progress.
  • You’ll Learn Mindfulness and how to bring awareness to your moments so you have more self control
  • You’ll Re-connect with your Body – sometimes “getting out of your mind” is the best way forward.
  • You’ll experience the connection of TWO live coaching sessions
What are the Benefits?
  • Being alcohol free for a month means better sleep, less spending, more “me”time.
  • Greater Self Knowledge – you’ll know your archetypes for the rest of your life – very powerful!
  • You understand how to Bring Calm to Your Everyday moments.
  • You’ll feel more Confident and Competent and re-learn to love and cherish your body
  • Live Coaching with laser questioning can reveal Instant Breakthroughs – you’ll see!!
Why do you need this right now?
  • Because it’s the New Year, a perfect time for new beginnings
  • Because there’s no better time to Re Set, Re Charge and Re Focus on your life.
  • Because living a C minus life just sucks long term and you deserve so much better
  • Because you’re not attracting an optimum life whilst you stay at this low energy
  • Because a focus on today and tomorrow whilst letting go of the past is the best way to heal and grow.
  • Because you deserve it – you are a magnificent, awesome human being who deserves self love!!
How do you get this offer right now?

You can reserve your place in the course, including two live coaching calls, by clicking the button below.

Yes, I want to change my Life!

Less Anxiety

Taking a break from alcohol means less anxiety.  So you will enjoy a feeling of calm clarity – not feeling foggy and frustrated and hungover – this is definitely something to look forward to!


Nothing is more private and confidential than an online course with one to one personal coaching conversations.  No one need ever know outside of you and I that you are working on this!  Awesome!


I know where you are coming from – and I respect how much guts, courage bravery and determination it takes to want to make a change to your lifestyle.  Respect is part of the transaction and I work alongside you!

 Bren is a really calm, level headed and accepting person who allows you to feel safe about opening up and being yourself without the fear of judgement. He has helped me build confidence in my own voice and gave me a great coaching experience that has helped me in achieving my dreams. Bren is extremely committed and passionate about what he does and is a great example of how we can overcome difficult experiences in life by going within.

 – Sean M, Coaching Client

bren headshot 500

Bren is incredibly insightful, quickly gathers information, processes it and bounces straight back with positive ideas and suggestions. Bren uses his knowledge and life experiences to suggest clever strategies and introduced me to academic thinking I previously had not been aware of. Bren is dynamic yet respectful, a great listener and very easy to chat to.

 – Glynis T, Coaching Client

 Zero Alcohol Thirty Days

incl. full access to teaching resources, learning package and online support group

PLUS 1 x 45 minute
Archetypes Analysis
Coaching Conversation

PLUS 1 x 45 minute
Mindset Mastery 
Coaching Conversation
A Total of over 90 minutes of Coaching Calls
over $650 value
Buy Now for 39789 per week for 5 weeks

Connect with us

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